The Top-Rated LCD HDTV Brands

Going through various resources, the top rated LCD HDTV Brands seem to be close to the same with big names near the top, which include Panasonic, Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony, Olevia, and Sylvania. That is still quite a few brands but now you can see why the decision is so difficult.

If price has anything to do with your decision and it should you will see that Panasonic is one of the highest prices LCD HDTV brands and Sony, Olevia, and Sylvania are at the low end. Remember, an HDTV is created using pixels this is what makes the image feel like you are in the room. All LCD HDTV brands use the same technologies to create their television sets. The differences in price are normally due to other features that most people can live without.

Instead of choosing a LCD HDTV by the “expert ratings”, which are nothing more than opinions it would be in your best interest to purchase one that has the features you desire as well as the one that will work in the room you wish to watch movies or your favorite television shows.

Visit a retail store that offers the brands above, you may have to visit more than one store to see all these brands up close, and see the differences. Remember to look at the set from different angles and different distances. Try to stand back as far as you would be sitting at home on the couch and see the difference in quality. Then move from side to side to see the images at different angles where you may have furniture placed in the living room. Do not look at the brand name until you have chosen the best LCD HDTV in your opinion. Now that you know which brand is perfect in your opinion, check online for the best deals.