Upcoming Top Horror Movies of 2011

Good horror movies are hard to come by. So, how exactly do you differentiate the good ones from the rotten ones?

I compiled a list of upcoming top horror movies of 2011. The first is Season of the Witch, mainly starring Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman. In the movie, they are knights returning to their homeland only to find it ruined by the Black Plague. As the movie proceeds, several church elders accuse a girl for causing destruction through witch craft. Thus, the two knights are entrusted to hand her over to monks who would lift the curse from their land once and for all. The movie would be released on January 7th 2011.

Red Riding Hood is also one of the upcoming top horror movies that have captured the attention of many. Amanda Seyfried plays a beautiful young woman named Valerie in the middle of a love triangle. She is in love with an orphan woodcutter but arranged to marry another. Then, Valerie’s older sister is killed by the werewolf that the villagers have made a deal with since many years ago. A famed werewolf hunter is called upon to assist in killing the werewolf but his warning chills them – the wolf is able to take a human form by day and could be any of the villagers. As panic among the villagers rises along the death toll rate, she begins to suspect the identity of the werewolf. This movie injects new life to a decade long tale, bringing much needed freshness to the horror movie industry. It would be released on March 11th 2011.

Between 1348 and 1350, the world’s population was reduced by more than an estimated 100 millions. It is also of the worst pandemic that has happened to mankind. As the plague continues its rampage, many people lost faith in the church. Then, rumours in a marshland tell of a beautiful place where the plague cannot reach, lead by a necromancer. As a result, Ulric and his crew are sent to investigate with the guidance of a novice monk. The movie would be released on March 11th 2011.